Jeremy Xido (US 2012)
Dokumentar 83 min
Portuguese (UK subs)

Death Metal Angola is one of those remarkable stories too fantastic to be conceived anywhere but in the real world. After decades of relentless civil war in Angola an unlikely musical genre suddenly rises from the ashes: Hardcore metal rock. Through the music bands and fans of all ages exorcise their horrifying war experiences from their bodies and souls. At the centre of the film is the idealist leader of a combined children’s home and practice room for 55 orphan boys, Sonia Ferreira. Together with her boyfriend, Wilker, she embarks on an impossible project: to bring together Angola’s metal rockers for the first national rock concert ever in the country. A raw and captivating film about human strength and the potential of music.

Death Metal Angola is a beautiful film, one that is bound to become a cult classic” – Huffington Post