A Documentary about the 2012 reunion of legendary Manchester band The Stone Roses. The film is director Shane Meadows’s unconditional declaration of love to the band and the scene they arose from. With the same energy, humour, and shambolic ideas that characterized the entire Madchester wave the film makes the reunion of The Stone Roses make a lot more sense than it did when the band played at Northside in 2012. The film was a huge hit with the CPH:DOX audience in 2013.

Shane Meadows really established himself as a director with Made in England (2008), which won the BAFTA Award for Best British Film. Peter Bradshaw, music critic at The Guardian gave the The Stone Roses – Made of Stone four stars out of five. In his review he wrote among other things:

- Warm and energetic, Shane Meadows’s love letter to the Stone Roses may be his best film so far.