Anne Svejgård Lund | UK/DK | 2014 | 25 min. 
Fre. 20:00 | Katapult Prøvesal, Godsbanen 
Søn. 17:30 | Sal E, Øst for Paradis 

For the three friends Martin, Leon and Pokal Ole tractor pulling is an obsession but also an escape from reality and the uncertain future prospects in the fringe area they live in. By means of untraditional, poetic images this documentary offers a fascinating peek into an otherwise unapproachable male world, where loneliness or the dream of a woman is rarely put into words. Here We’ll Stay is Anne Svejgård Lund’s graduation film from The National Film and Television School in England.

On Sunday the film will be followed by a Q&A with Anne Svejgård Lund.