The Road to God Knows Where + Q&A
Uli M Schueppel | DE | 1989 | 90 min. 
Lør. 19:00 | Remisen, Godsbanen

Elektrokohle (Von Wegen)
Uli M Schueppel | DE | 2009 | 90 min. 
Lør. 22:00 | Remisen, Godsbanen

German director Uli M Schueppel will be at SPOT to present two of his best films Elektrokohle – Von Wegen from 2009 about the historic ’Einstürzende Neubauten’ concert in East Berlin shortly after the collapse of the Berlin Wall and The Road to God Knows Where, a 16 mm classic about and featuring Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds on tour in the USA in 1989.

The films are presented in collaboration with MusicFilmWeb, and after The Road to God Knows Where there will be a long Q&A session with the director and Andy Markowitz, editor and writer at MusicFilmWeb.