Skammekrogen Johan Knattrup Jensen | DK | 2013 | 20 min. (artist talk lørdag: 45 min.)
Fre.-lør. | Foyer, Godsbanen (visninger)
Lør. 17:30 | Remisen, Godsbanen

To put yourself in somebody else’s place gets a completely new meaning in acclaimed interactive Skammekrogen. By means of a pair of virtual Oculus Rift glasses you actually become a completely different person, who is in the epicentre of a family drama.

Skammekrogen can be experienced in the Godsbanen foyer (where you also book your time for the show), and on Saturday afternoon you can meet Johan Knattrup Jensen and producer Mads Damsbo, who will talk to Matthias Poulsen from Play Consulting.