Django Unchained | Quentin Tarantino | US | 2012 | 165 min.
Fre. 16:00 | Katapult Prøvesal, Godsbanen
Søn. 14:00 | Sal D, Øst for Paradis

Tarantino & the music Seminar | 45 min.
Fre. 14:30 | Lokale 1, Radisson Academy

Award-winning Django Unchained (2012) is Tarantino at his best. In a dazzling display of humour, references and brilliant dialogues, we follow bounty hunter Dr Schultz and freed slave Django in their hunt for sadistic slave owners in Dixieland.

The film will be shown in continuation of the seminar “Tarantino & the Music”, at which music supervisor Mary Ramos will talk about her work with the music for Tarantino’s films – including Django Unchained.