Inspiration: Gold Panda, Moderat, Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel
Friday May 2, 22.30 - 23.30

When Tomas Høffding is not touring or recording with WhoMadeWho, the prolific musician is busy as his electronic alter ego Bon Homme. What started as a playground for Høffding, where he was alone on stage and pressed all the buttons, has now become gigs with an entire band. His latest release broke the scale for the reviewer at Bands Of Tomorrow and got 6 stars out of five!

At SPOT Bon Homme will be joined on stage by Lydmor –the two concerts will merge into one performance. For the concert the audience can look forward to a somewhat different interactive experience. With a little help from the Shareplay Fund and SPOT Festival the film director, Jeanette Nørgaard, together with the company, Trib, has created an interactive visual dimension to the performance.

Indie, electronica
A Life Less Fancy (2013)