Lydmor and Bon Homme are both purveyors of aching, dancey electro-pop – but there’s no synthesizers quite so sweet as the sounds they make together.

Inside by Katherine Dunn. Jutland Station. 

In a double-billed show in Voxhall Friday night, the Danish musicians joined forces for a mixed bag of beats, complete with interactive, psychedelic graphics hanging on the ceiling.

The standing-room show started with Lydmor, an angry-eyed presence jerking and weaving behind a synthesizer board.

Her last album, A Pile of Empty Tapes, came out in 2012, and since then she seems to have evolved into a wilder, weirder presence on stage: a killer-doll with dreamy, pulsating rhythms.

She was a fitting intro for Bon Homme – bassist for Danish band WhoMadeWho – who burst on stage in bowler hat and bowtie, rocking into an unashamed bolt of dance-heavy electro-pop.


A riveting presence (it helped that he frequently climbed onto a platform and stage), with a deep, velvety voice oozing out over a heavy bass – he put out a significantly stronger groove than comes through on his album, A Life Less Fancy.

But when the two joined forces, the magic truly began.

Just two kids in matching outfits wielding microphones, they were shaking at the front of the stage as a single, rabid drummer provided the beats from behind.

Spinning hand-claps through love-stuck duets, they transcended the blips of the synthesizers to provide real electro-chemistry: and the crowd finally started to dance.

Check out the night’s highlight, their single Daybreaker, below:

Katherine Dunn is a student in the Erasmus Mundus master’s degree. She has worked as a reporter and editor in Canada, Denmark and the Netherlands. She’s also the ‘klaphat’ behind The Klaphat Dispatch.

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