Inspiration: A journey through the city saturated with atmosphere - with life and death in consequence.
Saturday May 3, 15.30 - 16.15
Musikhuset - Store Sal


Søren Ulrik Thomsen and Det Glemte Kvarter creates an evocative lyrical and musical universe in the interplay between Thomsen’s poetry reading and music which very much identifies with jazz but also borders on rock, pop and classical music. With Århus Sinfonietta Søren Ulrik Thomsen and Det Glemte Kvarter leads the listener through an encasing atmospheric storyteller-migration. 

Poetry and Jazz or Poesi & Music. Both designations for the collaboration between Søren Ulrik Thomsen and Det Glemte Kvarter are pretty fitting. Together they were in 2013 awarded the DMA Jazz award for “Danish vocal-jazz release of the year”, but the music also borders on other genres. With Århus Sinfonietta an evocative depth for Thomsen’s poems and a new life for the Spoken Word genre are created.



Spoken Word, jazz, classical
Gyldendal Lyd
Rystet spejl. Musik & poesi (2013)