If you are contemplating studying abroad, Aarhus has a vibrant and exciting study environment and some of best institutions of higher education in the world, which have departments specifically concerned with international students and their well-being during their time of study in Aarhus.

Studenterhus Aarhus is an organization independent of educational institutions and it is devoted to making a good study environment by fascilitating connections between students and trade and industry as well as arranging concerts and parties for the students of Aarhus. An excellent way to meet people.

Aarhus University is ranked in the top 100 by several influential rankings. Its main academic areas entail Arts, Health, Science and Technology and Business and Social Sciences of which a several are taught in English.

Aarhus School of Business is a part of Aarhus University with its own campus and a strategic and business oriented perspective on education. The school takes pride in its tight collaboration with trade and industry which play a vital role for education as well as research and shortens the path from student life to corporate life.

If music is in your blood and you wish to pursue a career within this field, The Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus/Aalborg has been given the highest status both nationally and internationally, which several international students have recognized and have made the choice to enroll at The Academy.